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About Amigo Acres Canine & Equine

We live in a beautiful valley surrounded and protected by hills and some magnificent rocks on the outskirts of Dundee, which is a very small town in Ohio.

Our farm consists of 38 acres, and is home to horses, ponies, cows, chickens, goats, cats and of course our puppies and their parents. We are a Christian family of 10 ranging in the age of 46 to 6yrs. We love and enjoy our animals, and our entire family is involved in caring for them. From mucking out stalls, feeding, grooming, to the most fun part, playing with our puppies, we all do our fair share!

We think animals and puppies blend well with children as it teaches them to be responsible and also gives them a sense of being needed. In return, they can begin learning how be responsible adults.

We have been breeding and raising Golden Retrievers since 1999 and German Shepherds since 2007. All of our breeds have had a special place in our lives, from growing up with a German Shepherd to admiring the neighbors’ beautiful Golden Retrievers as a little girl.

In 2002 we added a Poodle male to our family so we could breed Goldendoodles, and more recently in 2017 a beautiful Poodle female joined our family, which is our girls’ favorite — they love to do the required grooming!

Our goal is to raise happy, healthy, well socialized adults dogs and puppies to the best of our ability. All of our adults get a complete physical by a veterinarian every 6 months, and the puppies come with a 1-year from DOB guarantee to be free of genetic health issues.

The horses are the biggest part of our farm — we use them to make hay, for transportation, wagon trains, trail riding or whatever else you would use a horse for. We as a family enjoy camping and trail riding, which we often combine at our state park’s horseman’s camp, though only as time allows since we can’t all be gone off the farm for any long period of time.

We use East Holmes Vet Clinic for our veterinary needs. You can contact them by phone at 330-893-2057

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