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Amigo Acres’ Horses and Foals

Here at Amigo Acres, we raise and train several different breeds and types of horses for a variety of uses, from riding and driving to pulling and more.

Below you’ll find information about the Horses & Foals we have available. If you are interested in any of our horses or ponies, please Contact Us and we will be happy to talk about them!

Available Horses & Foals

Zeke – SOLD

Zeke is a registered Gypsy Vanner/NASH 5 yr old gelding well trained to ride and drive single or double.

He has been on numerous 3 day trail and covered wagon rides through creeks and over logs up and down hills. Zeke is super gentle, loves attention, and stands well for the farrier. He loves a bath and to have his hair done. If you are looking for a horse that is well built and loves to be pampered but is still willing to do a day’s work, Zeke is the one.

Zeke is consigned to the Mid-Ohio horse sale and will sell March 10th.

For more info please Contact Us — we like to talk about him!

Shelly – SOLD

Thank you to all the bidders and the buyer! We wish the Raber Family the best with their purchase

Frisian-Welsh Mare

Jackson – SOLD

Haflinger Gelding

About our Horses & Foals

We strongly believe in Honesty and Safety!

We are interested in a variety of horse breeds, such as Draft horses, Frisians, Gypsy Vanners, and their crosses, Haflingers, Standardbreds, Quarter Horses, and of course some ponies for the smaller children.

We keep a few brood mares, and try to buy good quality yearlings and two-year-olds. We train them in several different disciplines, such as pleasure riding and driving, trail riding, wagon trains and carriage.

Some of our horses also help us with field work, such as mowing, raking and baling our hay, hauling manure, etc.

Our horses are exposed to a lot of different things, from going down the trail over the hills and through water to driving and riding on the road and meeting all sorts of traffic. Our horses are in different levels of training depending on their age and how long they have been on our farm.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions you have about our horses and foals, or anything else. We’d love to talk about these fantastic equines with you, and help you find one that’s the right fit for your family and lifestyle.

Thank you for viewing our Horses & Foals for sale in Ohio!

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