Amigo Acres Canine & Equine’s Policies

Please read our policies below BEFORE leaving a deposit on one of our puppies. By leaving a deposit, you are asserting that you have read our policies in full.

We certify that the puppy you purchase from us is in sound health at the time of sale to the best of our knowledge.

We do our very best to provide your family with a happy & healthy puppy. However, we can’t control the exposure your puppy encounters after leaving here. Therefore, puppies sometimes stress when adopted and moved to their new home. This stress can be brought on due to the move, change of diet, too much handling or not eating properly. This stress can bring on things that are dormant, such as but not limited to; Parasites, ear mites, colds, hypoglycemia, coccidia, giardia & parvo. These conditions are all treatable and do NOT warrant a reimbursement.

Any Congenital abnormality or condition deemed to be the breeder’s fault will be warranted for 1 year from D.O.B., with a signed letter from the diagnosing veterinarian. This guarantee will issue 100% money back (- tax) for price paid for puppy, or a replacement of same breed if available. This warranty does NOT cover any veterinary fees or services. This contract will recognize the original owner(s) only.

We recommend taking your puppy to the vet within the first week to establish an account. If any life threatening health problems are found at time of exam, please contact us Immediately. The puppy needs to be returned with a written statement from your vet. If puppy should die within 72 hrs of purchase, an autopsy from a state vet lab is required.

It is the customer’s responsibility to provide a healthy diet and proper exercise for the puppy to do their part in preventing health issues!! If, for some reason, you cannot take care of your puppy or can not keep it any longer, please return puppy to us.

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